ERIKC F00RJ03510 Diesel Injektor Repair Kits F 00R J03 510 Nozzle DLLA153P2210 F00R J03 510 for Injector 0445120261 610800080073

ERIKC F00RJ03510 Diesel Injektor Repair Kits F 00R J03 510 Nozzle DLLA153P2210 F00R J03 510 for Injector 0445120261 610800080073

€ 30.09


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About us :
Zhengzhou Liseron Oil Pump & Nozzle Co., Ltd is specialized in core spare parts of diesel injection system for more than 20 years, mainly producting and selling CR injectoes, nozzles, control valvee, valve bonnets, CRIN repair kits, injector adjusting shims, common rail injector testers and repair tools. Besides our own brand "HAOTENG" and "DYD", we are also the sole agent of UK ERIKC .
With the rising of the world's auto emissions standards, the market shares and demands of CR products with lower energy consumption and lower pollution will increase day by day. Facing the huge potential international market, Liseron is willing to provide the high-quality products and services for our customers on the basis of the concept of technological innovation and honest. In accordance with the basic concept of mutual benefit, long-term cooperation and common development, we are willing to form an alliance with honest friends around the world, work together to create business opportunities and make our sky bluer!


Audi Mudel:
Kirje Pikkus:
Materjali Tüüp:
Sõiduki Marki/Mudel:
Brändi Nimi:
Toote Nr.:
F 00R J03 510 (F00RJ03510)
Remondi Komplektid Mudel Nr:
DLLA153P2210, F-00R J02 035
Taotluse pihusti:
610800080073, '0 445 120 261, 0445B29029
Neto kaal:
CE , ISO9001
Pakend Andmed:
6 osad Düüsid,Ventiili,Tihendi rõngas,Pall, Pall asukoht
Auto Tegija: